Friday, November 13, 2009

Thinking About the Upcoming Holiday Season

I've made a few goofs this past two weeks, but nothing really bad ... until last night. Regular meals are usually simple to work around and calculate, but how do you manage a night out?

Last night, after a fabulous Pete's Game, our wonderful producers treated the crew to a after game get-together. It's usually held at a restaurant that serves bar-type munchies and the feast consists of wings, lattice fries, natchos etc. All the goodies you'd expect for a late night get together. I tried to be good and I did restrain myself but it got me to thinking of the upcoming Christmas holiday season.

Years ago I would start my Christmas preparations off with a bake-a-thon of about 150 dozen cookies. (I'm not kidding - this was my gift to family and friends, we didn't keep them all). Add to that the Christmas cakes, fudge etc and you can imagine the temptation all of that.

With holiday entertaining, we also have to consider all of the yummy appetizers, the drinks and long hours of trying to get everything done so that we can have the "perfect" holiday season.

This is a big strain on anyone, let alone someone with chronic health concerns. Stress - whether it be dietary, physical or mental, has a big impact on our health. The holiday season has the potential to be a triple threat to our health. A naturpath was telling me that the few weeks following Christmas are always busy with people who have over done the season and have fallen ill.

How would a diabetic handle the pressures of Christmas goodies, the mountain of pre-holiday tasks and events. Luckily for us, our Challenge ends this week, but for a diabetic, its a lifetime of challenges.

"Over two million Canadians have diabetes and that number is expected to reach three million by 2010" read more ...

This challenge has been a wake-up call for me and I will be watching my choices more closely now. I can make a real difference in my health outcome with some small changes.

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