Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Stress of a Hectic Lifestyle

Stress affects everyone and for someone who is ill or has health concerns - it places even more demand on a body ill-equipped to handle it. Health professionals advise us to monitor our stress and find ways to balance our life to reduce the impact stress has on us. Putting this strategy into action can be quite the challenge.

First, I will admit that I do not usually have a hectic lifestyle. I spoke with Betsy on the day we began this challenge about "hectic". My week is nothing compared to all of the meetings and functions she takes part in.

My stress is in not planning ahead so that I can care for myself with healthy options. I know I'm not alone in this otherwise our "fast food" industry wouldn't exist. We tend to go full tilt until we are famished, and then need something to eat "quickly" as we have to get back to what we were doing.

Many food services have revamped their menus to offer healthier choices also including providing nutritional data for those who need it.

I wish when I walked into one of these establishments that I "really" wanted the healthy choice. Why is it that the less healthy is almost always more appealing? Going into a restaurant that deep-frys anything almost guarantees that I'll have a craving for fries!

For me the best choice is to plan ahead and bring something delicious from home. Good plan - now lets see how long it takes for me to implement it!

Now - for those who have have better self-control - here's a handy Eating Out Guide!

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