Monday, November 9, 2009

One week done!

As a type 1 diabetic, it seems as though taking care of your diabetes is pretty demanding. For someone such as I (and everyone else participating) who are not used to being on a strict medication schedule, it is very hard to remember that your pills have to be taken at this time everyday, you have to take your blood sugar before every meal and then calculate the appropriate amount of insulin to inject according to the amount of carbs you are going to have for your meal.
As a student I already find it hard to have appropriate meal schedule. Sometimes I eat 2 times a day sometimes I eat 4 times a day. With the chaotic schedule of being a student it is a hit and miss with meals, and also the timing of the meals as well. I have found that if I wake up in the mornign I will remember to take my blood sugar, pills and insulin, then I will have it on my mind that my next time is lunch time. I pack everything and bring it with me where ever it may be. When it comes to the afternoon I am usually not as good at remembering that I need to take it, so the times of when it is taken varies.
I can see that being diagnosed with diabetes would be such a change for an individual who is not used to being on such a strict schedule. Overall I feel that the frist week went alright, I am aware that I have to be doing this everyday 4 times a day and I have tried to stick to that. My goal this week is to get on an even better schedule where I will take my sugars around the same time every day. Hope everyone is managing alright.

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