Thursday, November 12, 2009

time is running out

I would first like to agree with Cheryl on the whole hectic livfestyle and how when you are so busy its hard to find time to have a good healthy meal. I know I am finidng it really hard to eat at the same time everyday 3 times a day. I know there are others who have a lot more hectic lifestyles than mine, but as a student my schedule is all over the place. The lack of time between classes or between classes and work makes it hard for one to have the time to make a proper meal at home. This certainly turns us to want to have fast food. The fast food resturants are all trying to compete with one another to see who has the better healthier choices for the menu. However do you ever wonder if the 'healthy salad' is actually better for you than the regular burger you eat? I know I do, and with all the preservatives that are used, and the healthiness (for lack of better word) of the dressings, it kinda makes you wonder.

As for the rest of the time we have left to get on track with being a person with diabetes, we don't have very much time left. I feel as though I am just getting a hold of the idea when I need to take my pills, take my blood sugar, and how much insulin to take. For such a drastic lifestyle change, it certainly does not happen overnight. I have come to the conlusion that because I have been reading labels the last week and a half, I will continue to do this in the goal of being a healthier person. I went out shopping with my roommate last night, we have both decided to make the healthiest choice when we are choosing our food that comes into the house. No more of the craving food that everyone craves every now and then! I think by having someone who is around me everyday doing the same thing as I am doing will be a good incentive and motivation to keep me going with this new 'diet' and exercise plan.

We only have 5 days left!!

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