Monday, November 9, 2009

Live it like ya mean it: Day 4-6

Okay, three days in one to cover...

Friday: no issues, really, enjoyed a nice flat bread sandwich loaded with veggies, a bit of turkey and a slice of swiss with a pickle on the side and that weird-tasting nestea zero (I blame the sucralose for the odd taste) and a little muffin on the side to make up the rest of the carbs (the flat bread was the only carb, and I guessed it was about the same as a couple bread slices).

Saturday: Went to the gym today for some treadmill and weight action - I enjoyed the treadmill (gotta love the intervals), but didn't enjoy the weight room; I blame residual teen-insecurities. Went out for dinner too - had a yummy grilled salmon with grilled veggies and some rice. Eating out can be done! Seriously, "BG" across from Wild Rock is awesome!

Sunday: Roomate with the car keys not back from her weekend away, so no grocery shopping, which meant a twist on lunch: one serving of tostitoes with a whole diced apple and some cheddar to hold it together and milk. Yum!

Oh! On Thursday, I was flipping through that day's Toronto Star, and found an entire section dedicated to Diabetes with an expo on Type I diabetes (a 7 yr old brother helping his 4 yr old sister read her glucometer at school after he tests himself; they're both Type I). So if you see the Thursday November 5th edition of the Toronto Star, check it out - there's some really good articles in there, including how much it costs another family with two Type I members each year.

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