Sunday, November 15, 2009

I been to Fez and back

We had a dinner party on Friday night. Recently, for a present, we'd been given a tagine. This prompted my wife to make all out Moroccan. She did lamb, snapper, and chick pea chili dishes as well. Various appetisers, and a fig tort (I guess you'd call it) for dessert with orange cream (yes, I had some). Made her own pita (which apparently is easy, but it seems to impress people to no end.) There was enough food for the whole of Fez. I spent yesterday eating leftovers.

Having pillaged another country's cuisine, I got to thinking about diabetics in developing countries. So, I googled diabetes in developing countries. This fact jumped out at me:


"It may seem strange that the developing world, which is often associated with hunger and inadequate nutrition for children, is now experiencing an epidemic in type 2 diabetes, a disease related to wealth and unhealthy lifestyle. This can be explained with the high degree of urbanisation in some countries like e.g. India that have made people adapt the lifestyle from the industrial countries causing diseases such as diabetes related to this new lifestyle. It is also a fact that some people genetically have a higher risk of developing diabetes and combined with great changes in lifestyle this risk has turned to reality for many people in those countries."

At what cost progress? Surely there are the choices beyond the stark dead ends of yesterday's hunger or tomorrow's diabetes?


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  1. Thanks for posting this Jonathan. I didnt realize the increase in cases was so high in the developing world.