Friday, November 6, 2009

Out and About - Day 3

Well - I did better today. I remembered lunch, all my meds and after my regular work day was done I was off the the Pete's Game!

I volunteer with TVCogeco and before the game we get together for talk and a pizza dinner from our meal sponsor - Boston Pizza. This was going to be a real test for the blood glucose and I was very curious to see the results. I actually prefer a vegetable pizza and last night our selection included my favorite Greek pizza with feta cheese. I told myself I'd just have 2 small pieces - but ended up eating 3 and 4 cactus chips with a touch of dip.

I had to test 2 hours after the meal and this worked out to be 2nd intermission. I was surprised to see my test results come in at 5.6. Our target range is 5-8 for 2 hours after a meal. So - pizza really is doable - yippee!!

Another thing. Doing a test in a public place is quite an eye opener. It took me just a few minutes and in that time I had three ladies asking me what my reading was and saying "good for you!" That means of the few people in the room at the time - at least 3 of them have had diabetes touched their lives.

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