Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Live it like ya mean it: Day 1

Oookay... only the first day and already I've almost forgotten to take my "metformin" once, I've realized with a grumble in my stomach that I seriously need to do some shopping... and any plans I may have had about going for a jaunt around the track have thoroughly been subjugated by my most recent 6am morning (I shouldn't complain - I've been used to 5am mornings for the past 2 years or so). Quite the "authentic" participant, ne? Well, at least I'm Type II managed by meds sans insulin - the cute little green pillow would've prompted many a giggle had I had to poke it with Na solution.

I have to admit - I'm enjoying using the glucometer, even though that's just my inner techy talking. I've even figured out which finger is the best choice for "milking" (yep, gettin' technical here). I'm thinking that by the end of this week, my finger will feel very much like an abused peach, despite how pleasantly fine the lancets are.

On the topic of blood and glucometers, its' definitely a visual way to show how much of a sugar junkie a person is when taking a reading after a meal. This morning's reading was (understandably) high after a bowl of oatmeal & maple syrup at home and a plate of fruit with some yogourt, juice and cheese at this morning's event kick-off. Yeah... not gonna do that again... maybe... um... yay for tostitoes and salsa!

Looking ahead, I know I'm taking this event pretty lightly on the first day in terms of what the CDA is trying to illustrate. Tomorrow I have lecture, and will have about an hour to navigate my way through "Company A's" sorry excuse of a balanced (and affordable - NOT!) diet from the Cafeteria, to rinse n' repeat Thursday and Friday. I will probably have to invest in a bagged lunch soon to leave my monetary investments in peace while meeting my Dietitian-approved (most excellent!) dietary suggestions to keep my islets happy and the rest of me healthy. Oh yeah... did I mention that the "pills" look like a fresh haul after Halloween? I'm not kidding - 5 "pills" at breakfast, 3 at lunch and one each with supper and evening snack. Now lets see if I can remember which colour of "pill" is supposed to mean what when I take 'em with me.

Anyway, tomorrow, I shall break down the numbers about how much I've guestimated my portion of the Challenge would've cost had this been real-life, and not a fluidic portmanteau. Trust me, it beats a Stephen King movie.

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