Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Live it like ya mean it: Day 2

Wow... planning went down the tube.

Breakfast was simple and carb-appropriate, lunch would've been perfect if it weren't for the suprise! sugar blast in 1% chocolate milk and supper... yeah... that's where everything was thrown to the winds.

I received a surprise update about an annual general meeting I was to attend from 5-6pm, which meant I'd miss a timely dinner and my supper meds (took 'em when I got home)... but when free pizza is involved with general meetings... Yes. I legitimately forgot I was now diabetic, and probably ate 70 - 100g of carbs worth of pizza dough. >.< This does not bode well for my adherence capacity.

But enough of my personal doom n' gloom. As promised - a breakdown of costs for what I would have to pay if I did have Type II diabetes.

Test Strips = $100 / 100 Strips (approx) - $1 per
Strip Lancets = $20 / 100 Lancets (approx) - $0.20 per

Lancet Test Strips = 2 Strips per day x $1 per Strip x 365 days = $730 each year for Test Strips
Lancets = 2 Lancets per day x $0.20 per Strip x 365 days = $146 each year for Lancets

For 2 Weeks, this would've cost me $28 for Test Strips and $5.60 for Lancets if I don't mess up or succumb to curiosity and use more than 2 strips/lancets each day for testing. Now, this is JUST strips and lancets - I have no clue what the price-point for Asprin + metformin + lipitor + altace + acanda + gluconorm + diamicron + anuvia ON TOP of the $33.60 I'd be spending for JUST the 14 days. I'm not as bad-off as I could be (as a student), but even if I were earning 50K a year, I would not lightly spend $3000 - $10 000 on test strips, lancets and a grab-bag of pills because in a couple years, I won't be covered by a drug plan unless I have some sort of full-time job with a union or OHIP. Oh, and I'd be SOL for help from the government because I'd have to either qualify for welfare (which I don't) or be 65+ yrs and require professional assistance in some faculty to go about my activities of daily living (which I'm quite certain I'm still a healthy 21 yr old), so... yep, you guessed it! No government drug funding programs for me!

... there goes the mortgage.

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