Thursday, November 5, 2009

Changing Bad Habits - Day 2

I used to skip breakfast and then feast on a muffin or toast and coffee around 10am. Thats about the time that all things would settle down - the kids were at school, I had finished several tasks and I finally noticed that I was really hungry. As "breakfast" was more of a brunch - I didnt need lunch but I would have a small snack in the afternoon and then look forward to a big dinner.

Now, I eat a good breakfast and dinner, but I sometimes get so wrapped up in work I forget the lunch time. Even though I work from home its still a struggle to take the time for lunch when Im in the middle of a task.

Usually I plan ahead and make something that can be readied quickly - if I don't its too easy to keep working through. This week I didnt leave enough time for that so planning will be the key to keeping regular meals on track.

My blood glucose readings have been good. As I test once a day, I was instructed to change the times of day I tested.

Its Thursday and that means I'll be at the Pete's game tonight. We have our regular pizza dinner with the crew before the game at 6pm. I usually have 2 small pieces and Im very curious to see what that does to my blood sugar. Im going to test 2 hours after the dinner meal tonight. Second intermission should fall in that time frame. In the real world, you have to do what you have to do - so lets find out how easy that really is ....

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