Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Living with Diabetes - Day 1

My profiles has me as a Type 2 Diabetes that is managed through diet and exercise. Additional health complications now have me taking medications for cholesterol, blood pressure and arthritis. At present - no insulin is required.

The first blood glucose reading was within acceptable levels and the meter provided was simple to use. The meter is provided without cost to the patient, but each test strip costs about $1. There is also the cost for the lancet - and these cost do not include any medication. Most will test multiple times per day to monitor their blood sugar.

I really did think I wasn't going to have too much trouble with the diet aspect of this challenge.
We have already made lots of changes to our daily food intake due to my husband's illness. After I started to log and count my carbohydrate intake I realized how blessed I am that I don't usually have to do this on a daily basis. The balancing act of including enough carbs is a lot more difficult than it first appeared.

Today I missed lunch due to a crazy work schedule as I didn't plan ahead. Although I may not suffer any harm in doing this - it could create some very real issues to a diabetic person.

Maintaining a consistent level of carbs in the meals & snacks is going to be very challenging but extremely important in order prevent the deterioration of the pancreas - and therefore requiring insulin.

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